All About Phil Mickelson

Phil MickelsonThis North American player has won seven of the top one hundred golf seasons. He was victorious in all except two of his twenty-one golf seasons, and is known for his keen eye and accuracy. Phil Mickelson’s golfing career began more than twenty five years ago and he has continued to go from strength to strength over the years until he gained a name around the world for being one of the best golfers of the last century.

During his long and largely successful golfing career, Phil Mickelson completed a total of forty two PGA Tours and scooped up an impressive five major championship trophies. However, he says that his career is far from over and despite his many impressive achievements; he is always striving to push himself to achieve more and show what’s more is possible in the world of golf.

The first major golfing victory came for Phil Mickelson when he was still in the university. In 1991, he was in his junior year at Arizona State University when his life changed forever. He took part in the Northern Telecom Open in Tucson as part of the PGA Tour and was lucky enough to take home the trophy. One of the things that made this victory so special is the fact that Mickelson was an amateur golfer at the time, and this marked the last time till date when an amateur golfer was able to take the trophy, proving what an impressive achievement it truly was.

Phil Mickelson has been so successful in his golfing career that he was recently inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Despite all his awards and trophies, he says that this is the achievement that he is the most proud of as it means that his legend will live on, and allow him to serve as an example as what can be achieved if you have the strength to follow your dreams and never give up.