About Us and 118 Golf

This site has been created especially for people who love to play golf, and are interested in learning more about all the different aspects of this very popular sport. Visitors of this site will find a wide range of articles about golf that will range from advice on how to choose the best golf equipment to overviews on some of the most celebrated golfers in the world and some of the qualities that make them so special.

One of the great things about golf is that it can be played in virtually every country around the world as most nations boast of at least a few award winning golf courses. This makes it very easy for people who enjoy playing golf and love travelling to combine their two passions and experience a vacation that they will never forget.

Golf is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life, and people do not need to be particularly physically fit to take part in it. Of course, good hand to eye coordination is essential and golfers must also have plenty of patience as well as some little luck.

While playing golf is without a doubt the best thing about this sport, people who have a passion for the game will be able to relax and unwind by reading about it as well. The articles and other types of information that can be found right here on this site are regularly being added to and updated to make sure that there is always something new to discover when visitors stop by.

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