Why We Love Vijay Singh

Vijay SinghThis leading golf player comes from Fiji and is known for his durability. He has won a total of 34 tournaments and is an ambassador for the game of golf. Vijay Singh has scored an impressive 53.49 points during his career. People who are wondering what makes Vijay Singh so special and why he deserves to be featured as one of the world’s most celebrated golfing legends should read on to find out more about him.

Vijay Singh is in fact the only world class golfer to hail from Fiji and this makes him not only a national symbol, but also an example for the people of Fiji of what can be achieved when you are determined and passionate enough to never give up. Vijay Singh was lucky to be born into a golfing family as even though his father worked as an airplane technician, he taught golf in his spare time and was able to pass on his skills and passion for the sport to his son.

Vijay Singh says that his golf hero is Tom Weiskopf, who he admired as a child. Singh used Weiskopf’s trademark swing as an early model to form his own, which seems to have really helped him develop his own style over the years. However, Singh is also known for his extremely rigorous practice routine and he has put countless hours into honing his skills over the years.

Singh formerly held a highly coveted club professional position in the nation of Borneo and is still a powerful icon among the people of nation. He comes from Indian ancestry and in fact his name means victory in Hindi, a legacy that many people believe means that he was born to succeed. These days Vijay Singh dedicates much of his time in helping other people to achieve greatness and he has established a number of charities including the Vijay Singh Charitable Foundation to provide women and children who have suffered from domestic abuse with the support they need.